Nudura Advantages

Superior Insulation Features

Energy Efficient

Nudura forms can provide U-values ​​of 0.24, 0.17, 0.14 and up to 0.11 W/(m²K), saving owners over 70% of their annual energy costs. The energy efficiency provided by the Nudura forms is the combination of insulated thermal mass and airtightness, reaching 0.35 m3/h/0.21ACH (ACH-air exchange per hour).

Nudura provides insulation technology that allows you to build a passive or low-energy house maintaining the room temperature and requiring almost no additional heating resources if following the low-energy construction principles.

Durable Insulation

Nudura insulation panels are designed with dovetail grooves on the inner surface. In such a way, that the concrete and the insulation allow full bonding in between so that the risk of the insulation panels to peel off is brought to minimum. Nudura technology offers protection for your home, especially in the event of hurricanes and tornadoes. Nudura houses would withstand winds of 402.3 km/h.

Sound insulation - Noise is harmful

Noise, even low noise, can damage and influence the nervous and cardiovascular systems, blood circulation, breathing, and many other body functions and organs. This could be caused even when the noise is of low intensity but prolonged, or so called communal noise generated by vehicles on the streets, neighbors or by various house appliances and machines. The double insulation form of Nudura acts as an effective sound barrier, filters out the unwanted noise, dampens sound vibrations and provides a peaceful and comfortable living environment and home comfort.

ASTM 336 soundproof class:

  • 4” (102mm) concrete core with 1/2” (12.7mm) drywall on both sides = STC42
  • 6” (152mm) concrete core with 1/2” (12.7mm) drywall on both sides = STC50
  • 8” (203mm) concrete core with 1/2” (12.7mm) drywall on both sides >STC55
  • By customer request form with STC71 (SRI 72) could be manufactured


NUDURA creates a much more “air tight” building than any other construction method. Our EPS Insulation acts as an Air Barrier, as proven by accredited ASTM testing. The design of our Interlocks and patented DURALOCK Technology® ensure our blocks are mechanically linked together, thus preventing gaps which could allow air to flow through the assembly. The thermo-block provides the perfect moisture barrier for a comfortable and healthy living environment.

Air Barrier class according to ASTM E1677-95:

  • Max 0.06 cfm/ft2 (0.3046 litres/second/m2)

Vapor Barrier class according to ASTM E96:

  • Max 1.040 perm/inch (60 ng/Pa·s·m2 )

Fire-resistant and fire-retardant

Nudura insulation forms are made of non-toxic and fire retardant expanded polystyrene foam ensuring maximum safety. NUDURA offers maximum safety with a fire protection rating of up to 4 hours, and UL/ULC certified and classified. They do not release any harmful substances.

Fire-resistant class according to ASTM Е-119:

  • 4” (102mm) concrete core with 1/2” (12.7mm) drywall on both sides = 2 hours
  • 6”, 8”, 10”, 12” concrete core with 1/2” (12.7mm) drywall on both sides = 4 hours

Superior Building Efficiency

Speed of construction

It sounds like a cliché, but you will be amazed at how quickly your house can be built! Nudura offers the largest (1.12sqm) insulation concrete form on the market. The elements can achieve installation efficiency of 0.75 to 0.54 man-hours/sqm or less at the construction site, depending on the complexity of the project.

Nudura increases the construction speed even more than traditional construction because the forms provide a much higher degree of completion already at the first step.

Construction efficiency

Only one-sided retaining is needed and sufficient. The alignment system can even be mounted on the inside of the wall, making it much easier when there is lack of space. And the turnbuckle makes it possible to align the support by hand without the need of special tools.

The guardrails and catwalk brackets make it possible this system to be used as a multi-purpose set of components to support the forms and provide a safe working platform for the contractor/installer. The use of the work platform provides not only safety but also significant time savings during the concrete pouring process.

Optimal concrete cure conditions

Using Nudura technology, the concrete is protected by double insulation, which means that the curing process (reaching a strength of 5N / mm2) has the optimum curing environment from the very beginning. The pouring of concrete into the Nudura forms can be done regardless of the season, since the walls are double insulated, protecting the walls from drastic temperature changes during the concrete setting.

In fact, the insulated Nudura wall, because of its optimal curing conditions, will even increase its strength (gain strength) and gain much better stability than conventionally built walls. In practice, the colder it is, the longer is the concrete setting time. Thus, this means that in cold weather, reaching the expected concrete strength of the Nudura wall will take much less time. Due to the optimum conditions for concrete curing, the Nudura wall will have a minimum strength of 30Nm, compared to 7Nm at a conventional cast wall.

Quality of building

Have you heard the phrase "will straighten the wall with coating"? (Indeed, there are tolerances in construction, but they are always in millimeter units.) Nudura forms provide perfectly straight walls and 90° or 45° factory corner forms, so you will not need to level, straighten bowls or align the walls with plaster rendering. In fact, right from the beginning you will have smooth foundations of the walls and absolutely straight corners, which, apart from an aesthetic point of view, these is important for the subsequent finishing processes.

Structural Stability

Nudura patented fastening strip securely locks forms into place when under pressure, provides solid interlocking and stability, eliminating float and compression and the need to wire forms. Nudura technology offers protection for your home, especially in the event of hurricanes and tornadoes. Nudura houses withstand winds of 402.3 km/h.

The notches of the webs are designed for easy and precise pre-positioning locking of the reinforcing steel. The reinforcing steel can be placed accurately and will stay in-place without displacement while pouring concrete.

Quality "Made in Canada"

Nudura elements are manufactured in Canada so that the company can directly control the quality of the products.

Superior Financial Efficiency


DURAFOLD Technology™ - Nudura's patented folding webs provide more space than any other insulation form on the market. As such this one-of-a-kind folding forms are designed to reduce transportation (no shipping air) and storage costs, as well as to save the extremely valuable space at any construction site. Once on-site simply unfold and it is ready for installation at no time costs.

No concrete formwork and no molding

The saving on construction costs with Nudura technology starts already from the beginning. In addition to the double insulation, the forms perform the function of a concrete form, which eliminates the need to buy expensive forms which will not be needed after the finish and paying for expensive formworking.

The forms are being arranged as constructor block toys, where a fastening strip securely locks the forms into place with a patented reversible triple tooth interlock eliminating float and compression and the need to wire forms. Thus, significantly fewer workers are needed, and thus fewer headaches and costs.

Construction without a crane

The relatively small weight allows the transfer and mounting of the forms by hand (even by just one person) effortlessly, so heavy machinery and the expenses for them is not required.

Invest in future without expenses

In most cases, Nudura will come out cheaper per square meter than traditional construction in the long-term. If you are a person of numbers and compare prices directly, keep in mind that the wall is double insulated and the construction time is several times faster and with a high quality.

Turn your long-term into short-term investments with the innovative rationalizing Nudura forms.

Long-term value - Security for your family

Home built with the insulation concrete Nudura forms will withstand and preserve its value for generations ahead. The main structural element in a building constructed with Nudura elements is the reinforced concrete, which offers extremely better durability and requires much less maintenance or repairs over its lifespan when compared to wooden or brick structures that need regular maintenance and have a comparatively shorter lifespan.

Architecturally Unlimited

Flexible in design

Nudura offers various forms and sizes - including corner elements and radius forms, making the technology ideal for challenging construction sites. Abstract modern designs with high arches and domes, various types of gables or window openings are hassle-free and easy to build with Nudura.

All building applicable

Since the forms are vapor- and water-resistant, Nudura is a great technology for building basements, underground garages, wineries and pools, or built on slopes or underground homes (hobbit houses). Moreover, since the reinforcement is only one-sided needed, Nudura technology is extremely suitable for the construction of walls in difficult to reach places. The forms are compatible with all types of roofing and flooring materials, and support any type of facade and wall covering.

Healthy living indoor environment

Health is the most important!

Here are some of the key benefits that Nudura forms contribute for a pleasant and healthy indoor living environment:

  • Eliminate air gaps between wall and insulation, minimizing the potential formation of mold growth and draft paths. NUDURA Forms have been laboratory tested and do not support mold growth.
  • Sound-insulating and reducing one of the main factors for irritability, fatigue and lack of concentration.
  • With very low levels of construction dust. The forms provide finished and fully sealed walls - very suitable for people with allergies.
  • Made of 100% recyclable materials for a cleaner and harmless environment.

Unattractive to rodents - cheaper is always expensive

The disadvantage of most insulations is that mice, edible dormouses, rats and other rodents tend to flock between the facade and the insulation. They nibble the insulation, carve their canals and build their perfect insulated and dry nests, just what every new home owner desires :). Unfortunately, all this is at the expense of the owner - the ruined insulations no longer execute the job and the rodents hide perfectly under the insulation panels, just a few steps from the bedrooms and the kitchen. Additionally to that when the insects find your new insulation as the perfect hotel, then the house indeed becomes a diverse bio-environment, which is not very desirable to be there. Imagine the financial damage that would have caused all these animals just after you had plastered the walls.

Nudura insulation forms are resistant to all those animals. Rodents and insects do not eat or nibble the insulation of the forms! In addition to the fact that the forms do not support mold growing, we can be rest assured that this pest will not bring home infections and diseases. Quite often, cheaper is at the end more expensive. Invest in your home early and you will not need to change your insulation every year.

Ecological - 100% recyclable

Nudura forms are made from 100% recycled or recyclable material. Building homes with Nudura is a very clean process, the construction waste is very small because of Nudura's reversible forms. No volatile organic compounds (VOC) are released during or after the production of the Nudura insulation forms. Building a Nudura house will significantly reduce building's maintenance and energy requirements and as a result reduction of the CO2 pollution.

Nudura Inc. works in cooperation with LEED Green Building Rating System, an organization providing standards for environmentally friendly construction.