Nudura Products

Insulated Concrete Forms

for energy effective and passive buildings

Standard Form

The biggest insulated concrete form on the market - 2.44m in length, 45.7cm in height, providing the remarkable 1.12sqm of wall in one step. Insulation thickness of 2х67mm = 13.4cm with λ = 0,033 [W/mK]. The forms are 4-way reversible and fold easily with no deformation due to the Nudura patent technologies. The reinforcing horizontal steel bars is placed in the grooves of the webs, supporting and locking it at the required distance. Forms are available with 100mm (4"), 150mm (6"), 200mm (8"), 250mm (10") and 300mm (12") core cavity thicknesses of walls.


The T-forms are available in Long and Short T-variants so that they can be bond stacked, course on course, with each other to create an ideal 16” (406 mm) overlap with the interfacing standards (in a staggered arrangement). The T-blocks enable several possible combinations of thickness main wall and T wall intersection across the 5 core thicknesses of forms.

90° Corner Form

To reduce transport costs, we offer unique corner forms that can be folded. Our forms are fully reversible - no left and right corners to have to worry about having on hand during construction. The blocks have a continuous fastening strip along the corner for even greater durability. Available in the standard 5 core thickness dimensions - 100mm (4"), 150mm (6"), 200mm (8"), 250mm (10") and 300mm (12").

45° Corner Form

Nudura also offers a 45 degree corner form. The form is installed in the same way as the 90° corner form. It can also be folded and is fully reversible to avoid complication with left or right corners. Available in the standard 5 core thickness of wall - 100mm (4"), 150mm (6"), 200mm (8"), 250mm (10") and 300mm (12")

ONE Series - straight form unit

The ONE Series shape offers the builder and architect unmatched versatility for construction projects. At the heart of this innovative product line is our new DURA Technology ™, with a new design of the straps for attaching wooden boards. This will provide the constructor and builder with opportunity for multiple combinations for various construction challenges. Nudura One Series is the industry’s first multi-link form and the largest ICF on the market - 8 feet (2.44m) long by 18 inches (45.7cm) high placing 12 sq. ft. (1.115m2) of wall area in one building step!

ONE Series - corner form unit

The One Series is extremely suitable for construction of elevator shafts and stairwells where Nudura soundproofing features will contribute to the comfort in the adjoining rooms. The One Series gives the architect wider design versatility for multi-store residential, educational or commercial buildings. Combined with NUDURA’s innovative existing ICF panel system, custom form combinations and transitions between corners are easily done. Once the job is completed all of the form ply panels can be stripped, cleaned and reused for the next job, eliminating waste and further cost.

Brick Ledge Form

When you build with Nudura, you can use the Brick Ledge Form Units to support a brick veneer. The forms provide a stable base and attachment of the facade decoration to the building while offering a variety of ideas and opportunities for the architect to break the building look and style. The form is offered assembled with a built-in, folding hinge and is offered in two lengths - 1.22m (48 ”) and 2.44m (96”) and available again with 10cm (4”), 15cm (6”), 20cm (8”), 25cm (10”) and 30cm (12”) cores.

Brick Ledge Extension

Nudura offers the brick ledge extension to provide greater flexibility when establishing brick ledge locations. The various form units have cores of 10cm (4”), 15cm (6”), 20cm (8”), 25cm (10”) and 30cm (12”), and with a length of 81cm (32") and 34cm (13 1/2") depth. The BLE can be used at any elevation on the wall on either side.

Radius Form

Nudura does not limit your architect dreams and ideas! Nudura makes curves and radius walls easy by providing factory-cut forms designed to your specifications. Nudura's radius form units eliminate wasteful and time-consuming in-field work. They could be custom produced with a specific density and characteristics if desired by the customers.

Taper Top Form

Nudura also makes a taper top form where the foam thickness on one side is reduced to 19.05mm (3/4") between the webs. This allows structural loads from the stud wall above to be transfered directly to the concrete wall below. The form is also available as a single panel and allows a full combination with the rest of the Nudura's forms.


The Optimizer is sized 1.22m by 30.5cm to enable wall heights in multiples of 18", 9", 12" and 6". The block has all of the characteristics of the standard form and is designed to accept full hydraulic loading.

Height Adjuster

Nudura Height Adjusters are used to provide an extra 7.5cm (3") in wall height. They are fully reversible and come with fastening strips to provide important additional form support as well as providing a continuous fastening strip. The form is 81.3cm long.

End Cap

Nudura End Caps slide quickly into place to serve as insulated bucks or bulkheads. End Caps are manufactured with convenient center fastening strip. Available with 10cm (4”), 15cm (6”), 20cm (8”), 25cm (10”) and 30cm (12”) cores.

Easy Buck

Our "Easy Buck" channels are used with dimensional lumber to build window and door openings. Easy Buck channels are fast and easy to install. They reduce thermal briding and the lumber provides a sturdy fastening surface for windows and doors.


For a perfectly insulated building, the weakest points, such as the openings of the building, must be well insulated to eliminate thermal bridges. Once the end caps are in place on either side, the Lintel Closers need to be added into the block which will form the top of the door or window. The Lintel Closer should be trimmed so that it bears on the top of the End Caps on either side of the opening. This creates an unbroken thermal barrier between the concrete and the opening. Of course, it can also be used as the base of the window and in that case you are building an insulated home with passive building standards. The forms are available for 10cm (4 ”), 15cm (6”), 20cm (8 ”), 25cm (10”) and 30cm (12 ”) core and have an insulation thickness of 5cm.

Series RetroFit

NUDURA offers insulation panels sized 1.2m x 2.44m (4’ x 8’) for already built up walls. The sheets are easily attached to the wall using the embedded fastening strip and a concrete screw. NUDURA RetroFit Insulation Technology panels fit seamlessly together with a ship-lap system, electrical installation is easily completed, and drywall or Gypsum Board is attached using the 64mm (2 ½”) fastening strip located on 40cm (16”) from the center. When installed, NUDURA RetroFit Insulation Technology provides insulation performance ratings up to R-14.8 resulting in greater energy efficiency and comfort to any home or commercial structure. The panels are offered in 3 insulation thickness of 67mm, 89mm and 98mm.

Passive House Insulation Technology

for passive, net-zero and plus houses

PLUS Series - Plus Form

The PLUS series gives an alternative to owners who desire extra insulation to the Nudura standard series by using forms with even thicker insulation. The NUDURA Plus+ Forms are available with four sizes of additional insulation: 1” (25mm), 2” (50mm), 4” (100mm) and 6” (150mm) and now offer R-Values as high as R-48. The Plus+ Forms are as usual foldable and reversible, but considering that one of the panel is with thicker insulation. Available in the standard - 100mm (4"), 150mm (6"), 200mm (8"), 250mm (10") and 300mm (12") cores, as well as corner forms.

PLUS Series - R-value Plus Inserts

The R-Value Plus inserts can be used with both Standard and PLUS Series Nudura Forms. Thus, the inserts provides wide combination of insulation thickness and allows for increased R-Values, while at the same time not interfering with the unique technological characteristics of Nudura forms. The inserts are available in 3 standard sizes: 2" (50mm), 4" (100mm) and 6" (150mm) and all 3 sizes are 32" (812mm) high. Once the desired size is chosen the R-Value Plus insert is simply slid into one side of a NUDURA Form Unit. With the unique dovetail system, the inserts are securely placed during the construction process.

Ceiling and Floor Insulation

for low energy and passive homes

THERMOFOAM® - floor insulation

THERMOFOAM® 2′ x 8′ (0.61 m x 2.4 m) insulation panels differ from conventional insulation products by featuring a unique interlocking design providing easier installation and air tightness. Nudura insulation boards are shock resistant and a fast and economical solution for insulating the floors of already built homes, garages, bungalows or commercial buildings. THERMOFOAM® is sized 1.2m by 1.2m and available in thicknesses of 32mm (1 1/4″), 48mm (1 7/8″) and 64mm (2 1/2″) and offers R-values up to R-10.6 with three different compressive strengths to better meet the insulation requirements of all types of construction.

HYDROFOAM® - radiant floor

HYDROFOAM® is the ideal radiant floor insulation product that maximizes radiant floor heating by ensuring the heat is dispersed evenly throughout the entire floor area, providing building occupants with comfort and energy efficiency. HYDROFOAM® increases installation speeds, is easily cut to meet any angle or radius while providing up to R-16 insulation value. The 1.2m x 1.2m (4’ x 4’) boards, available in two thickness - 64mm and 102mm, are easily installed with an overlapping interlock on all four sides, ensuring the boards are locked in place during installation. HYDROFOAM® utilizes a 360° multidirectional friction fit anchor system that eliminates the need for wire mesh.

HOMEGA® - ceiling technology

Nudura's Ceiling Technology is a high performance insulation system that reduces air infultration and thermal bridging, manufactured from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and includes a embedded wood strapping and overlap on the perimeter for efficient installation. The overlapping perimeter is 38мм(1 ½ inches) and reduces air infiltration and acts as a vapor barrier. Offered in 63мм (2 ½ inches) and 89мм (3 ½ inches) thickness with size 1.22m x 2.44m. Nudura's Ceiling TechnologyБързо is a quick and economical insulation solution for retro-fitting uninsulated buildings, garages, cottages or commercial buildings.

Tools and Accessories

for building with Nudura ICF

Waterproof Membrane

Nudura Waterproof Membrane is a peel and stick membrane that adheres to Nudura expanded polysterene (EPS) foam. The Peel & Stick Waterproofing Membrane is used for below grade damp proofing of the NUDURA walls. Two types are available - for summer and winter temperatures depending on the season to be installed (the ideal temperature for sticking is between 2°C and 38°C).

Alignment System

NUDURA® Alignment System is another combinational product of Nudura that performs the function of supporting and scaffolding. The system is specifically designed for use with the NUDURA. The bracing aligns with wall prior to concrete placement, provides a working surface during concrete placement and is used to plumb the walls after concrete placement. The system is available for the standard height of wall, but also with an adapter for taller walls.

4-Way Web Connector

The 4-Way Web Connector allows two or more insert webs to be connected together and used with the panel system to create wider form sizes. It also can be used to create forms of different shapes and sizes. Increased design flexibility.

Т-form Support Strap

Created to aid in installation and support on-site cut T-connections. The steel straps are designed to hook over the internal reinforcing on the main wall of a T-Wall connection and be secured to the fastening strips of the “T” portion of the wall.


The V-Clip is used to connect a NUDURA panel to a concrete floor. It allows the contractor to support the panel without additional materials used on the outside of the wall.

Form Joint Clip

This metal clip is designed to connect the forms together in-between at the vertical joints. It replaces having to tie wire or tape forms together while providing a solid connection using minimal amount of labor to install.

ICF Hanger System

The ICF Hanger System is the newest system designed for ICF walls to make the connection between concrete and beams. The system consists of an ICF Hanger Insert Plate and a Stamped Bearing Bracket.

The functionality of the system is in great use when connecting wood floor or roof joists, external installations or when anchoring either internally or externally a frame to the Nudura wall. With a sturdy steel structure, it is an inexpensive, yet labor friendly connection system. This hanger system is available as well for 45° corner connections.

"Retrofit" Bracket

The Retrofit Bracket is used in conjunction with the Stamped Bearing Bracket as an after thought for attachment to the concrete. This corrects mistakes made from improper installation of the ICF Hanger Insert Plates.

Rebar Bender Cutter

The Rebar Bender Cutter is used for cutting and bending reinforcing steel used in the NUDURA wall system. Comes with two cutting heads that will cut up to #5 (15M) reinforcing steel. The rollers used for bending the steel are capable of handling up to a #5 (15M) bar.

Foam Gun (Metal Handle)

The metal handle foam gun is compatible with the standard foam expansion cans.