Insulated Pools

Energy Efficient at a Glance

Nudura insulated concrete forms (ICF) provide not only better insulation but also better structural stability. Therefore, in addition to the passive house construction, Nudura forms are extensively used for the building also of swimming pools, water supporting facilities, open fireplaces, wine cellars and retaining walls.

Of course, the greatest advantage, after the fact that insulation forms reduce the maintaining heating costs and turning a swimming pool from a luxury to accessible comfort, is the easy construction of any type of walls. Building a pool with Nudura forms is uncomplicated and fast. The technology also could save you part of the excavation work, because once installed the forms need to be supported and aligned only from one side. This gives the possibility to build in hard-to-reach areas or in lack of space. Nudura forms could also be custom-made in order to accommodate any modernistic architecture design.

Builders appreciate speed of the installation, and the owners - durability and impact resistance. The cost for maintaining water temperature is reduced and the lifespan of the pool is increased. Building with Nudura ICF can be definitely added to the long-term cost savings.

Pool building time-lapse

A Swimming pool with 26 curved walls built with Nudura

Other Low Energy Pools Built with Nudura